Sep 30, 2010

kerja/work -.-

Todays report: Thursday. Mood: Duhh, PENAT! Even PLKN tak penat like this. -.-

Sangat penat woo. Standard la, kerja dengan Chinese, confirm tak kenal erti rehat. Walaupun kerjaku ini tidak high-standard like working in Vincci, Romp etc., but I do gain experiences from this. Its tiring, but for money punya hal, nothing impossible la. I know, if I tell people what kind of job Im working now, people will say 'haa?' instead of 'wahhhhh'. Its common. Thats why I won't bagi tahu. Let it be a secret. *wink.

Tapi, I wanna say it again, ITS TIRING gilaa. Kaki nak putus, dah senget-senget dah jalan. Working in an environment with lots of chinese and kemboja communities, kadang kadang terkeluar English in Chinese style! (Aiyoo, this thing aa, very heavy loo. I can't pull this up. You get another amoi laa). Bayangkan, aku yang cakap macam tu, comel kan? :)

Esok working lagi. Adehh. Well, toodles.

Sep 29, 2010

Chocolate Fair at IIUM Gombak

Can't wait to be there with Sarah, Anis, Muznah, 'Aqilah. Is there any others who want to join the club? Sila sila :)

Date : 3rd October 2010
Place : IIUM Gombak

Be there :)


Greetings. I'm working these holidays to get my pocket bigger. Toodles :)

Sep 28, 2010


*Amin ya Rabbal Alamin :')


No way, man. I wont be lazy ass. My mother would kill me if I woke up at 11. Plus, I feel like, I missed half of the day once if I did that. Well, actually, i want to have a new aim. Hoping to be a new better me in Semester 2. One thing I really need to worry is about this.

1) Connection with Allah SWT.

This is serious. Don't you feel super miserable when you are 'sedikit jauh' from ALQURAN? If me, I choose yes. Yes, I feel lost. Yes, I feel messy. Yes, Im everything that is bad if I forgot about it. Seriously, trust me, once you hold and recite it, you feel like the world are with you. They are with you. Even the Malaikat spread their wings to protect to those who recites it. Its PERFECT. May AlQuran be my guidance forever and always Ya Allah, Please bless me with all you blessings. Amin. <3

Semester 2 : New me, New Adventure, New Life. Lets act now!

Time passes by

Greetings. Its been 2 days since I left Nilai for my cuti sem. Pretty boring since I have nothing much to do. Facebook-ing, Termenung, ternganga been my routine these past days. Now, I miss homework, I miss lectures and definitely, I miss studying. You see, now, clearly, How TIME is precious. Allah give us all fairly with the same time, 24/7. But why we are different? Some of us, even me, complains of how the time never been so cukup, we always feel like tak cukup kan? It is because of how we are using or time. Now I know why time is precious -.-

Nahh, enough babbling. Well, to officially ended my semester 1, we had lunch at A&W! Well, alhamdulillah, everyone was buncit because of the rootbeer float. And and, even Wawan slept there. Hha, kelakar ohh. 

Then, Intan la, dengan penuh megah hati serta hati yang gagah, kami pun menuju ke arah a pool which full of piranhas! (tipu tipuu). At first, everyone excited gilaa tgk piranhas biting ada sorang pakcik ni, rendam kaki kat situ jugak, it was RM5 for 20 mins, cool aite? End up, Intan and Anis je yang try. Yang lain ketaq lutut naa. 

* I cant upload more pictures, internet went bad -.-
Till then.
                                                                                             Aisyatun Nadhirah

Sep 27, 2010


I was 'membelek'ing my lappy, I've check few folders and I found this picture. Then, I got an idea. I pun hitted Photoscape and tadaa! Here's what I got..

Comel kan? Aww, I knoww ;)
* credits to Una, Wawan and Sarah.

Sep 25, 2010

Hey, its the first.

Greetings, everyone. Well, I might be 'ketinggalan zaman sikit' by having a blog, now, which is the FIRST time, but I don't care. I'm thinking of the way of my IBU asked me to do this as a way of improving my English, and well, i know it will work. But, for sure akan sesat sedikit sebanyak Bahasa Melayu because I'm proudly Malaysian. hehehe. This blog will also act as a part of my daily diary, tapi not the private one laa kan. But don't worry, I'll write as much as I can.

Ahah! Its the end of Semester 1 already. This is the last day of me, being here in this CFS IIUM, Nilai before I'm coming back for Semester 2. Exams, Lectures, Classes, Tazkirahs, It all ended here. And most importantly, It is the last sem for MFA :'( sobs sobs. Oh my, How am I going to face Semester 2 without MFA? Sedih laa macam ni kan, tanpa sumber inspirasi di my naked eyes? (okay, now aku mcm over sikit la kan). Its okay, bak kata mualimah, if jodoh, it wont go anywhere, kan kan? Tapi, after all these times, I'm like, bertepuk sebelah tangan which is very pathetic. Kesian I tau. Its okay, DOA is the strongest key, trust me. :)