Sep 25, 2010

Hey, its the first.

Greetings, everyone. Well, I might be 'ketinggalan zaman sikit' by having a blog, now, which is the FIRST time, but I don't care. I'm thinking of the way of my IBU asked me to do this as a way of improving my English, and well, i know it will work. But, for sure akan sesat sedikit sebanyak Bahasa Melayu because I'm proudly Malaysian. hehehe. This blog will also act as a part of my daily diary, tapi not the private one laa kan. But don't worry, I'll write as much as I can.

Ahah! Its the end of Semester 1 already. This is the last day of me, being here in this CFS IIUM, Nilai before I'm coming back for Semester 2. Exams, Lectures, Classes, Tazkirahs, It all ended here. And most importantly, It is the last sem for MFA :'( sobs sobs. Oh my, How am I going to face Semester 2 without MFA? Sedih laa macam ni kan, tanpa sumber inspirasi di my naked eyes? (okay, now aku mcm over sikit la kan). Its okay, bak kata mualimah, if jodoh, it wont go anywhere, kan kan? Tapi, after all these times, I'm like, bertepuk sebelah tangan which is very pathetic. Kesian I tau. Its okay, DOA is the strongest key, trust me. :)

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