Sep 30, 2010

kerja/work -.-

Todays report: Thursday. Mood: Duhh, PENAT! Even PLKN tak penat like this. -.-

Sangat penat woo. Standard la, kerja dengan Chinese, confirm tak kenal erti rehat. Walaupun kerjaku ini tidak high-standard like working in Vincci, Romp etc., but I do gain experiences from this. Its tiring, but for money punya hal, nothing impossible la. I know, if I tell people what kind of job Im working now, people will say 'haa?' instead of 'wahhhhh'. Its common. Thats why I won't bagi tahu. Let it be a secret. *wink.

Tapi, I wanna say it again, ITS TIRING gilaa. Kaki nak putus, dah senget-senget dah jalan. Working in an environment with lots of chinese and kemboja communities, kadang kadang terkeluar English in Chinese style! (Aiyoo, this thing aa, very heavy loo. I can't pull this up. You get another amoi laa). Bayangkan, aku yang cakap macam tu, comel kan? :)

Esok working lagi. Adehh. Well, toodles.

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