Sep 28, 2010


No way, man. I wont be lazy ass. My mother would kill me if I woke up at 11. Plus, I feel like, I missed half of the day once if I did that. Well, actually, i want to have a new aim. Hoping to be a new better me in Semester 2. One thing I really need to worry is about this.

1) Connection with Allah SWT.

This is serious. Don't you feel super miserable when you are 'sedikit jauh' from ALQURAN? If me, I choose yes. Yes, I feel lost. Yes, I feel messy. Yes, Im everything that is bad if I forgot about it. Seriously, trust me, once you hold and recite it, you feel like the world are with you. They are with you. Even the Malaikat spread their wings to protect to those who recites it. Its PERFECT. May AlQuran be my guidance forever and always Ya Allah, Please bless me with all you blessings. Amin. <3

Semester 2 : New me, New Adventure, New Life. Lets act now!

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