Sep 28, 2010

Time passes by

Greetings. Its been 2 days since I left Nilai for my cuti sem. Pretty boring since I have nothing much to do. Facebook-ing, Termenung, ternganga been my routine these past days. Now, I miss homework, I miss lectures and definitely, I miss studying. You see, now, clearly, How TIME is precious. Allah give us all fairly with the same time, 24/7. But why we are different? Some of us, even me, complains of how the time never been so cukup, we always feel like tak cukup kan? It is because of how we are using or time. Now I know why time is precious -.-

Nahh, enough babbling. Well, to officially ended my semester 1, we had lunch at A&W! Well, alhamdulillah, everyone was buncit because of the rootbeer float. And and, even Wawan slept there. Hha, kelakar ohh. 

Then, Intan la, dengan penuh megah hati serta hati yang gagah, kami pun menuju ke arah a pool which full of piranhas! (tipu tipuu). At first, everyone excited gilaa tgk piranhas biting ada sorang pakcik ni, rendam kaki kat situ jugak, it was RM5 for 20 mins, cool aite? End up, Intan and Anis je yang try. Yang lain ketaq lutut naa. 

* I cant upload more pictures, internet went bad -.-
Till then.
                                                                                             Aisyatun Nadhirah

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