Oct 26, 2010

1st day.

I woke up at the earliest hour that I'd been woke up before in my entire life. (Saya bangun pada jam yang paling awal saya pernah bangun dalam hidup saya) khas buat diri saya yang sangat bersemangat kononnya menghadapi semester baru ni. Tapi semangat sedikit luntur kerana I have nothing to do on the first day since the class will start on Rabu. So, basically, I was jalan-jalan je around campus doing nothing.

Takda la nothing sangat, but I went with Anis Amirah, my greatest Mualimah ever, to settled up our appeal application for our 'first and hope its the last one' summons. Pray for it will be approve. Amin.

Had breakfast with gadis-gadis lindungan Kaabah after been through all the departments. 
And inspirasi takda. Its okay, as long as I have my gadis-gadis lindungan Kaabah, I'm complete :)

Well, all good wishes and Ahlan Wasahlan to the 3rd intake comer. All I have to say about Nilai is it might be buruk to you compared to PJ, but it is the best, trust me. + Zfah, don't worry, saya disini if you needed anything okay? :)


ANYS AMYRA said...

ececeh.saje je link aku jgk.haha.

Aisyatun Nadhirah said...

kau dah ajar, aku ikut laa. :)