Oct 31, 2010

Its already the end of Week Of Waste and tomorrow is Isnin, and I'm happy for it because my class soon going to start! Alhamdulillah, what a relief because sengsara tau tak if you had nothing to do and the time passes by macam tu je. PEMBAZIRAN.

And today, don't know why, I woke up real early (for me la) for Subuh today, we actually had a plan for a jog at the new and hardly-ever-sekarang-dah cantik Taman Dataran Nilai and ia menjadi. But, at first, planning pergi 3 orang je but how lucky, the whole dorm ikut. So, it was sangat seronok since tak pernah keluar almost all of my dormmates join sekaki.

^This picture is shown as to impress you guys since I ran 3 round and a half, non-stop FYI. Sorry, terbangga pulak. :)

Few minutes before jogging. Alaa, korang bukan jogging pun, aku and Aifaa je excited lebih, kan kan? XD

Harap je warga Nilai, but I never noticed this sign before -.-

Well, Please be jealous for those yang balik minggu ni haa. Haha. 'Aqilah, Sarah J, Aimi and Yaya, hehe. Lain kali jangan balik. :)

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