Oct 6, 2010


IIUM Foundation Studies's student, please take note. :)

This thing scared me, a lot! Without this, my degree would be nothing. Now, desas desus telah mengatakan MUET bulan 10 ni ada. Omaigod, how? Looks like i missed it la, kena daftar for next year. Well, I only know few things about it..

Well, basically, this MUET 'thinggy' is just the same as our EPT test. It consist of 4 components, listening, speaking, reading and writing. This thing is super IMPORTANT because, without this, our degree would be nothing, habuk pun tarak! That is why we have to know it, kalau malas sgt nak amik tahu, atleast know what is it for la, then you wont be that malas, trust me. Then, as far as I know, CFS will not 'gempar gempur'kan when will be the registration for this. As I asked a 'nasihat' from our senior, it would be better if we 'stay close' to Finance, AnR, Arts Department, meaning that stay alert and ask them for the information regarding the registration. But, dont worry, although some of us might missed the October's session, you still have a long time until you finished your degree. BUT, make sure you have it before you graduate laa, make sure tau.

Then, regarding the marking scheme. It is also the same as our EPT, again. Well, they using BAND 1-6 too. Band 1 is for a very poor user and Band 6 is for a very good user and bla bla bla, I dont need to explain more. But, In my own opinion (cehh, keluar speking test), as we all are learning english and English is the main language at CFS, I AM SURE, we would pass Band 4, at least. (its not that I am being 'berlagak', tapi betul kan if we think logically?). As a conclusion, there is nothing to be worried about. It is just that we need to be alert to the surrounding at CFS la, as usual. ok? Here some more info about it:

Mid Year
End of Year
11 January 2010
11 January 2010
17 May 2010
Close of Registration
4 February 2010
(for Government SchoolCandidates)
28 January 2010
(for All Candidates)
16 June 2010
(for All Candidates)

1 April 2010
(for Private School Candidates and Private Individual Candidates)
28 January 2010
(Only opened to candidates who wish to improve on their 2009 End of Year MUET result.)
22 July 2010
(Only opened to candidates who wish to improve on their 2010 Mid Year MUET result.)
* For this registration, candidates are required to produce their test result slip as proof
A week after the announcement of the entrance into the Public Institutions of Higher Learning.
(Candidates who fail to enter the Public Institutions of Higher Learning)

* For this registration, candidates are required to produce their application card as proof
MUET Speaking Test

3,4,5 Mei  2010 and 10,11,12 Mei 2010

12,13,14 October  2010and 18,19,20 October 2010
Arabic Oral Test
21,22,23 September  2010and  27,28,29 September 2010

Examination/ Written Test
 22 November 2010 - 16 December 2010
24 April 2010
13 November 2010

ALL THE MUET process should be done by ourself including the registration and all. So, kena selalu alert with the surrounding la ye, as usual. :) and please correct me, if I did gave wrong info about this :*

toodles and assalamualaikum :)

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