Nov 30, 2010

Tempting la.

Price :
(including postage)
Code :
Color :
Black, Dark Grey, Purple, Brown
Material :
Size :
Free Size
Suggestion : fit until XXL(UK16) only

Of course I would wear a pants with that, and it is labuh too! 
Nak beli nak beli! :)

Nov 28, 2010

The Face Shop

Okay, since I've watched Playful Kiss, I think Kim Hyun Joong is not that bad. Bolelahh la kan, cannot lawan my Lee Min ho laa. But the character that Hyun Joong played in Playful Kiss was amazing. Well, chukaie!

I got attracted by products yang Hyun Joong ni jadi duta. Its called The Face Shop. The products are from Korea and it is not that bad. And the price is affordable too. Rasa tempting jugak la nak beli. Okay, thanks to him sebab aku got attracted sebab he have a really nice skin! Standard la, koreans kan. Paling penting, the price. Considered as murah la jugak for us, students yang hanya bergantung pada elaun per semester. 

Yela Syakila, dia bolehla jugak comel. Tapi cannot lawan Lee Min Ho saya tauu. :p

Well, lets hit The Face Shop. Its not that I'm supporting non-Malaysian products, but why not trying rite? :)

Unguarded excitement.

I may be the craziest person on the earth that day, tapi so what? Just imagine, you did not have your inspiration with you for almost 2 months and it's just show up. You would go crazy, man. Running real crazy. And thanks to Anis Liyana for the video. Now I love you more than I love myself. Heuheu. And that day is the greatest day yet. Syukran <3

And UIA agak kejam few days before this. Since campus Gombak is on their cuti, the WIFI is closed too. So, that's why the blog sudah rindu aku. hehee. Actually, tengah mengantuk ni. So, the idea of writing lebih kepada ZZZZZZ. Menaip sambil menutup mata -.-' Hehe, Please la memahami, I have class from 8am to 11am EVERY weekend and it is Literature which korang would be lying down on the bed by then or else, atleast you are back at your home. Jealousy is in the air T.T

Takpa takpa, this is challenge. It wont be called as Literature if it is not challenging. Kan? :)

Nov 21, 2010

You're lucky.

I credited this post to Angah, since she got her new phone. Nokia C3.

Nokia C3

Let me tell you a bit on this. On the outside appearance, it may look like a BlackBerry but it only cost you RM550++. Murah kan? The good thing is it allows you to easily access to social networking site (Facebook, Twitter etc.) instantly. And it has a QWERTY keyboard which may function like a computer board. It supports up to 8GB memory card. What else? Yang penting, it have everything yang basic. Including a 2.0 mega pixel camera.

1.Don't expect much on this.
- because look at the harga la. Atleast it have all the basic things. And it features FB, semua orang suka kan?

-It is ringan, average la jugak. Not too berat, not too ringan.

-It comes in 3 colours, I think. Pink, Black and something like emas, i'm not sure sgt. But, saya macam suka Emas tu. Looks cool :)

Don't want to talk much as I am pretty jealous as Angah get new phone. But, anyway, its okay. She got it by her own effort, money. Well Angah, do spend on your phone wisely. This is big sister talking, jangan asyik sms je, solat never forget. :)

Nov 20, 2010

oh Skype.

Salam, everyone. Oh, yeah, I'm like, the last person on earth who just downloaded Skype thinggy. What an honor -.-

Okay, now I have almost everything inside my lappy. Hopefully, jangan overload hardisk sudah lah.

The thing about Skype that I know is that it functions well just like YM and MSN.

The good thing on Skype is when you call, it cost you less. Betul, my cousin have experienced it. And he is now is Russia. So, logically. by phone, it will cost you banyak duit to call Malaysia right? So, Skype is the way to cut the cost. :)

Haaa, hebat bukan? First try, dah ada contacts. *Padahal my friends. :D

*Nada promosi* So, why don't you try the same thing that I did? Lets start to use Skype, or you guys dah lama ada? Okay, I'm so lame. -.-

Till then, lets use Skype!

Nov 19, 2010

Bertunang tanpa sedar?

Title seperti gempak. Cuma, ini tiada kaitan dengan saya. Hehe. Bagaimana nak tahu if kita bertunang tanpa sedar atau tidak? Even saya not sure of it's proper hukum, but tak salah untuk tahu secara umumnya bukan? So, double check it out!

Percaya atau x, kita boleh ber”tunang” tanpa sedar?? Yup, kita boleh bertunang tanpa kita sedar, bila seorang lelaki, berhasrat untuk mengambil seorang perempuan untuk dijadikan isteri. Eh, itu memang normal bukan? Tapi, yang anda mungkin x tahu, anda sebenarnya sudah bertunang bila situasi seperti berikut berlaku:

Lelaki menyatakan hasrat ingin menjadikan perempuan itu isterinya, dan perempuan itu bersetuju. Adakah dikira telah bertunang? Padahal tidak ada ibu bapa perempuan tersebut.

Pinang dari segi hukum fiqah, bererti pihak lelaki menyatakan hasrat berkahwin pada pihak perempuan. Itu dipanggil pinang. Bila perempuan menjawab setuju, maka jadilah perempuan itu tunang laki tersebut.

Situasi yang dianggap pinangan:

"Aku nak jadikan kamu sebagai isteriku"

"Kahwinlah dengan kita bila2"

Bila si perempuan bersetuju, dia akan jadi tunang. Sama ada bercakap dalam telefon, tetap dah jadi tunang.

"lelaki sebut dalam telefon, "I nak jadikan u isteri I lah"
Perempuan tersebut jawab, I sukalah, I setujulah, oraitt I’m fine, oklah, I redha atau apa2 yang menunjukkan dia suka dengan “pinangan” lelaki tersebut, maka ia sudah dianggap bertunang.

Jadi, bila dia dah jadi tunang orang tanpa sedar, bila ada lelaki yang meminang, hukumnya haram.

Kita orang melayu time nak tunang duk bawang rombongan 1 bas, bawak barang2 pinangan, itu sebenarnya adalah ADAT bukan dari segi hukum Islam. Dari segi hukum Islam, dah jatuh hukum tunang.

Persoalan ialah bila Ibu bapa xde. Mengikut hukum syarak, kalau perempuan itu sudah diizin pada syarak. Sebagai contoh, perempuan yang cerdik, yang baligh, yang blh berfikir, etc dia sudah dianggap bertunang.

Bila perempuan tu x menepati hukum syarak tersebut, contoh seperti x baligh lagi(baru darjah 3 mungkin), perempuan tu bodoh(x boleh berfikir), gila, dan sebagainya, makanya wali diperlukan untuk jawab “pinangan” tersebut.

Haaa, adakah anda ternganga bila tiba2 tau anda sudah menjadi tunangan orang tanpa sedar?? Haaa, ayokkk, x tau. Hehehe.

Take note : Ini sekadar perkongsian. Saya tidak pasti akan hukum sebenarnya. Please do ask those yang lebih tahu. :)

Nov 17, 2010

How how?

In the name of Allah SWT, most kind and most merciful. Thanks to Him, I given a chance once again to lived in this beautiful world that He make. Greetings, everyone. :)

So, hows the new look? Its not that I want to give compliments towards myself, but yeah, I deserve it since I made it myself. Ahsanti, Aisyatun. I know i know, its not that LAWA compared to others blog, but so what? I'm proud of what Allah made me capable of. Ngee. :D

I'm so freaking tired once I reached home on that malam raya korban. Yelaa, KTM. Standard la, packed. And I was going crazy everywhere pulling my Akademi-Fantasia-kononnya bag. Sampai muscle I pun terserlah tau. (Sorry, saya memang over :D) And sorry to Ibu, I can't help you much. I'm so sorry. :'|

Anyway, Happy Eid Adha to all. I'm apologizing from my stokings to the top of my hijab. Till we meet again, Maas Salamah. :*)

Nov 15, 2010


Sorry, sayalah perosak bahasa terbaik dunia. :D

Went for camping last weekend, for 3 days. BTN for short. 12-14th November 2010. I'm glad I'm one of the chosen one. :)

+ I know, i know. Muka tak redha. :D

Received the name tag and the file once reached there. LDK best. I got team members yang seronok, everything was sangat OKAY. Cuma tak extreme because we don't have outdoor activities due to the heavy rain. Overall, 6/10. Thank you. *Sorry, I'm too exhausted to say more.

And saat saya jejak balik di bumi Nilai, I have bunch of friends yang tunngu saya didepan pagar. Awwwww, I'm too touched to say. :')

And to Fatin Athirah Anisan, I met Ayesha there! :)

Mood: My legs are shivering, shacking. Turun tangga paling lambat sekali, sujud menggeletar. Terima kasih BTN, for lending me and let me experienced this sakit once again. I LIKE. :)

Nov 12, 2010

serious matter.

This one was written on 1.53am in the morning and I just finished my homework before I will attending my class at 8am and then go 'straight no belok-belok' to BTN. Oh BTN, why me? I know i know, I should not be nervous and screaming or something because I've been to PLKN before which is sangat seronok and okay, i know I should not be nervous about it, fullstop. (Talking without stopping)

And Ibu called me on 11pm and we were talking for 45 minutes on the phone which should be recorded on my own World Record on the longest time ever been on the phone. Congrats Aisyatun.

Now I wanted to talk on Linguistic. Linguistic is a subject which soon going to frightened me and I just seems do not understand even 80% about it. What an honor. And now, I need S-M-S (save my soul). Please, please and please, help me with this. I need lecturers consultation hours for this because I need to see them ASAP or else I will be soooo ketinggalan zaman. How do you guys, out there handle Linguistic? I find that Linguistic is a fun subject, but It is hard tau. Tak tipuu. Feels like nak tuition je right now. T.T

I should be positive with this. Although it is hard at first, but I'll try to catch up. I will not be that easy but It is not that hard kan?. What I learned from Linguistics today is that :
Competence VS Performance : We just can't live one without the other.

Mood : Baju tak pack lagi for BTN. Borrowing Mualimah's orange Akademi Fantasia bag. I know, I know, this badak will be comel to face BTN. Saya positive okay! :)

Nov 8, 2010

Ku cintai dia secara diam. :')

Bila belum siap melangkah lebih jauh dengan seseorang, cukup cintai ia dalam diam ...karena diammu adalah salah satu bukti cintamu padanya ...kau ingin memuliakan dia, dengan tidak mengajaknya menjalin hubungan yang terlarang, kau tak mau merusak kesucian dan penjagaan hatinya..

karena diammu memuliakan kesucian diri dan hatimu.. menghindarkan dirimu dari hal-hal yang akan merusak izzah dan iffahmu ..

karena diammu bukti kesetiaanmu padanya ..karena mungkin saja orang yang kau cinta adalah juga orang yang telah ALLAH swt. pilihkan untukmu ...

ingatkah kalian tentang kisah Fatimah dan ALi ?yang keduanya saling memendam apa yang mereka rasakan ...tapi pada akhirnya mereka dipertemukan dalam ikatan suci nan indah

karena dalam diammu tersimpan kekuatan ... kekuatan harapan ...hingga mungkin saja Allah akan membuat harapan itu menjadi nyata hingga cintamu yang diam itu dapat berbicara dalam kehidupan nyata ...bukankah Allah tak akan pernah memutuskan harapan hamba yang berharap padanya ?

dan jika memang 'cinta dalam diammu' itu tak memiliki kesempatan untuk berbicara di dunia nyata,biarkan ia tetap diam ...

jika dia memang bukan milikmu, toh Allah, melalui waktu akan menghapus 'cinta dalam diammu' itu dengan memberi rasa yang lebih indah dan orang yang tepat ...

biarkan 'cinta dalam diammu' itu menjadi memori tersendiri dan sudut hatimu menjadi rahasia antara kau dengan Sang Pemilik hatimu ...


Nov 7, 2010

Sabtu, what a day.

See? Even the horse can carry this badak, you know XD. And even, its a girl! Aww, terharu la kat awak kuda, dare to carry this badak, and kuda kuda, we are the same size kan kan? Dari belakang nampak same size je, haha :) So friends, Sarah and I have tried it yesterday, I dare you guys to try it too. Kesian Sarah, balik-balik from camp je, kena paksa naik kuda bersama-sama. Sabar ye. Kak ros memang mcm ni :)

Banyak kebaikan bila not going back on the weekends. And I get to meet FAR-EAST. They sang about 5-6 songs, and the best part on Menanti di Barzakh. Sarah tersentuh ohh. Far-East, I'm your biggest fans. :)

One is missing, Nabil. He's gone for Hajj.

Tak dapat sign pun takpa, janji dapat tengok pun okay what. And some artist might sounds BAD on live singing, but not Far-East. They sounds awesome and they are even better on live! Frankly speaking tau.

Paste it on my locker, Far-East's doa.

If I have extras on my elaun, I'll try to buy Far-East's album yee. 

Lets have some support for them. Vocal yang sangat mantap. Thumbs up!

+Today is MFA's birthday. Well, Sanah Helwa to you, although you will never read this. :')

Nov 4, 2010

I remember when it was tested by the 'smile', my faith calls for seizing on this,

Thank you, Fatimah Syarha, for a such great book ever.
+ Proud to be part of UIAM, since she is. :)

'Tidak ada kesusahan (atau bala bencana) yang menimpa (seseorang) melainkan dengan izin Allah; dan sesiapa yang beriman kepada Allah, Allah akan memimpin hatinya (untuk menerima apa yang telah berlaku itu dengan tenang dan sabar); dan (ingatlah), Allah Maha Mengetahui akan tiap-tiap sesuatu. (At-Tagaabun:11)
Aku Cuma An-Nisaa

Ya Allah..
Jadikan aku tabah seperti Ummu Khadijah
Sehingga dirinya digelar afifah solehah
Dialah wanita pertama
Tiada ragu mengucap syahadah
Pengorbanan bersama Rasulullah
Susah senang bersama
Walau hilang harta kerana berdakwah
Walau dipulau 3 tahun 3 bulan
Imannya sedikit pun tak berubah
Mampukah aku setabah dirinya?
Andai diuji sedikit sudah rebah..
Baru dihina sudah mengalah
Ya Allah..tabahkan aku sepertinya..

Ya Allah..
Jadikan aku semulia Fatimah Az-Zahrah
Betapa tinggi kasihnya pada ayahandanya
Tidak pernah putus asa pada perjuangan dakwah baginda
Anak yang semulia peribadi baginda
Tangannya lah yang membersihkan luka
Tangannya jua yang membersihkan cela
Pada jasad Rasulullah tercinta
Gagahnya dirinya pada dugaan
Mampukah aku sekuat Fatimah?
Saat diri terluka dendam pula menyapa
Saat disakiti maki pula mengganti
Ya Rabbi..teguhkan hatiku sepertinya..

Ya Allah..
Jadikan aku sehebat Masyitah dan Sumaiyah
Tukang sisir yang beriman
dan Keluarga Yasir yang bertakwa
Sungguh kesabaran mereka menggoncang dunia
Iman tetap terpelihara walau nyawa jadi taruhan
Mampukah sabarku seperti mereka?
Tatkala digoda nafsu dunia..
Entah mana hilangnya Iman di dada

 Ya Rahman..
Kuatkan Imanku seperti Masyitah
Terjun penuh yakin  bersama bayi ke kuali mendidih
Kerana yakin Allah pasti disisi
Sabarkan aku seperti sumaiyah
Biar tombak menusuk jasad..
Iman sedikit pun takkan rapuh.

Ya Allah..
Jadikan aku semulia Ummu Sulaim
Perkahwinannya dengan Abu Talhah atas mahar Iman
Islamlah Abu Talhah sehingga menjadi sahabat Rasulullah
Betapa hebatnya tarbiyyah isteri pada suami
Hinggakan segala panahan ke Rasulullah pada hari uhud
Disambut dengan belakang jasad Abu Talhah

Ya Allah..
Tarbiyyahkan aku pada cinta sepertinya
Tingginya nilai cinta pada harga Iman
Mampukah aku menatap cinta itu?
Sedangkan rupa yang menjadi pilihan
Ketulusan Iman diketepikan
Ya Allah..
Ilhamkan aku pada cinta sepertinya..

Ya Allah...
Jadikan aku sehebat Aisya Humaira
Isteri termuda Rasulullah
Biar dilempar fitnah
Dia tetap teguh pada ketetapanNya
Isteri sejati yang memangku Nabi
Pada saat terakhir baginda
Hadis dan Sunnah Rasulullah dipertahankan
Betapa hatimu seorang mujahidah.