Nov 17, 2010

How how?

In the name of Allah SWT, most kind and most merciful. Thanks to Him, I given a chance once again to lived in this beautiful world that He make. Greetings, everyone. :)

So, hows the new look? Its not that I want to give compliments towards myself, but yeah, I deserve it since I made it myself. Ahsanti, Aisyatun. I know i know, its not that LAWA compared to others blog, but so what? I'm proud of what Allah made me capable of. Ngee. :D

I'm so freaking tired once I reached home on that malam raya korban. Yelaa, KTM. Standard la, packed. And I was going crazy everywhere pulling my Akademi-Fantasia-kononnya bag. Sampai muscle I pun terserlah tau. (Sorry, saya memang over :D) And sorry to Ibu, I can't help you much. I'm so sorry. :'|

Anyway, Happy Eid Adha to all. I'm apologizing from my stokings to the top of my hijab. Till we meet again, Maas Salamah. :*)

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ANYS AMYRA said...

fine! header lawa. font? lawaaa!