Nov 20, 2010

oh Skype.

Salam, everyone. Oh, yeah, I'm like, the last person on earth who just downloaded Skype thinggy. What an honor -.-

Okay, now I have almost everything inside my lappy. Hopefully, jangan overload hardisk sudah lah.

The thing about Skype that I know is that it functions well just like YM and MSN.

The good thing on Skype is when you call, it cost you less. Betul, my cousin have experienced it. And he is now is Russia. So, logically. by phone, it will cost you banyak duit to call Malaysia right? So, Skype is the way to cut the cost. :)

Haaa, hebat bukan? First try, dah ada contacts. *Padahal my friends. :D

*Nada promosi* So, why don't you try the same thing that I did? Lets start to use Skype, or you guys dah lama ada? Okay, I'm so lame. -.-

Till then, lets use Skype!

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