Nov 7, 2010

Sabtu, what a day.

See? Even the horse can carry this badak, you know XD. And even, its a girl! Aww, terharu la kat awak kuda, dare to carry this badak, and kuda kuda, we are the same size kan kan? Dari belakang nampak same size je, haha :) So friends, Sarah and I have tried it yesterday, I dare you guys to try it too. Kesian Sarah, balik-balik from camp je, kena paksa naik kuda bersama-sama. Sabar ye. Kak ros memang mcm ni :)

Banyak kebaikan bila not going back on the weekends. And I get to meet FAR-EAST. They sang about 5-6 songs, and the best part on Menanti di Barzakh. Sarah tersentuh ohh. Far-East, I'm your biggest fans. :)

One is missing, Nabil. He's gone for Hajj.

Tak dapat sign pun takpa, janji dapat tengok pun okay what. And some artist might sounds BAD on live singing, but not Far-East. They sounds awesome and they are even better on live! Frankly speaking tau.

Paste it on my locker, Far-East's doa.

If I have extras on my elaun, I'll try to buy Far-East's album yee. 

Lets have some support for them. Vocal yang sangat mantap. Thumbs up!

+Today is MFA's birthday. Well, Sanah Helwa to you, although you will never read this. :')

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