Nov 12, 2010

serious matter.

This one was written on 1.53am in the morning and I just finished my homework before I will attending my class at 8am and then go 'straight no belok-belok' to BTN. Oh BTN, why me? I know i know, I should not be nervous and screaming or something because I've been to PLKN before which is sangat seronok and okay, i know I should not be nervous about it, fullstop. (Talking without stopping)

And Ibu called me on 11pm and we were talking for 45 minutes on the phone which should be recorded on my own World Record on the longest time ever been on the phone. Congrats Aisyatun.

Now I wanted to talk on Linguistic. Linguistic is a subject which soon going to frightened me and I just seems do not understand even 80% about it. What an honor. And now, I need S-M-S (save my soul). Please, please and please, help me with this. I need lecturers consultation hours for this because I need to see them ASAP or else I will be soooo ketinggalan zaman. How do you guys, out there handle Linguistic? I find that Linguistic is a fun subject, but It is hard tau. Tak tipuu. Feels like nak tuition je right now. T.T

I should be positive with this. Although it is hard at first, but I'll try to catch up. I will not be that easy but It is not that hard kan?. What I learned from Linguistics today is that :
Competence VS Performance : We just can't live one without the other.

Mood : Baju tak pack lagi for BTN. Borrowing Mualimah's orange Akademi Fantasia bag. I know, I know, this badak will be comel to face BTN. Saya positive okay! :)

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