Nov 21, 2010

You're lucky.

I credited this post to Angah, since she got her new phone. Nokia C3.

Nokia C3

Let me tell you a bit on this. On the outside appearance, it may look like a BlackBerry but it only cost you RM550++. Murah kan? The good thing is it allows you to easily access to social networking site (Facebook, Twitter etc.) instantly. And it has a QWERTY keyboard which may function like a computer board. It supports up to 8GB memory card. What else? Yang penting, it have everything yang basic. Including a 2.0 mega pixel camera.

1.Don't expect much on this.
- because look at the harga la. Atleast it have all the basic things. And it features FB, semua orang suka kan?

-It is ringan, average la jugak. Not too berat, not too ringan.

-It comes in 3 colours, I think. Pink, Black and something like emas, i'm not sure sgt. But, saya macam suka Emas tu. Looks cool :)

Don't want to talk much as I am pretty jealous as Angah get new phone. But, anyway, its okay. She got it by her own effort, money. Well Angah, do spend on your phone wisely. This is big sister talking, jangan asyik sms je, solat never forget. :)


ANYS AMYRA said...

dah,aku dah comment ;)

Aisyatun Nadhirah said...

ye, terima kasih mualimah, atas perlian itu. heu heu

Aimi92 said...

jeles nye!my fav plak tuh! >D