Jan 19, 2011

Misi pencarian Din part 1

Ini semua angkara sahabat yang introduce to me Novel Jaja & Din. (Ini salah korang Wawan and Mualimah).

*Who is Din and Why are we trying to search for our own Din?

Name: Burhanudin al-helmi (panggilan Din)
Who? : a character in the novel yang buat aku sangkut. (Mualimah la ni!)
Career : an Ustaz. (awwwwww)
Why I chose him? : sebab he's too perfect although he have imperfection! (again, awww)
Place targetted: our UIA of courseee!

Placing azam in myself, I will not going to make myself berangan of unnecessary things this semester, but this thing breaks off my vision. Ini sangat tak bagus ya. Nak diceritakan how this book makes me addicted to search for my own Din (main character in that), its better if you read yourself to make your own judge to that. But we are soooo eager to find our own Din! (Though it will end up berangan sahaja!)

Lets just wait another part. :)


Aimi92 said...


Aisyatun Nadhirah said...

eh eh kau. adakah kau kenal apa itu DIN? heheee

ANYS AMYRA said...

alaaa,jangan laa semua orang suka DIN.tolonglah sorok novel tuu T__T