Jan 19, 2011


Thought at first, I'm not going to participate or have any relationship with sports anymore, especially VOLLEYBALL. Since I lost in the last game when I was in Teknik. (Tak boleh terima hakikat kalah, haha). Okay, UIA have succeeded to persuade me to be back in the game! (*background music 2PM - I'll be back.)

SMAC or Sports and Martial Arts Carnival was held to actually have me back in the game. (okay, sgt perasan) 
A friend called me to ask my consideration to be part of the team since they knew I played volley before. I was like, fikir banyak kali jugak but for the love of volley, I am part of the team! Syukran ya Allah, for lending me this chance.

Alhamdulillah, I was in the team yang sangat cooperative and very very kind capten, again I'm glad to be part of the team. Though we do faced hardship during the training session, without any coach and the classes finished up late, but we do play well out there right, team? AND AND walaupun berbaju Taaruf! Inilah simbol ketaatan pada UIA. *Big applause to BENSS team!

We have proved that without any coach (saja nak balas dendam pada team yang ada coach), we get in the quarter, competing dengan team yang ada coach tuuu, bukan nak bangga, tapi kena bangga la jugak atas effort team sendiri! Yeahh. 

Volley, I miss u. Lets meet up again in UIA Gombak!


** Okay, gambar ini jelas menunjukkan betapa besar muscle aku. BHAHAA

Though we are not in the Finals, but so what? I am proud of what Allah made me capable of doing things.

1. Nak main lagi volley. Yeay yeay.
2. Syakila sebuk baca aku menulis entry. Yam Tog sebokkk. Shuhh shuhhh.
3. Mualimah, jom cari Din. ;)


ANYS AMYRA said...

apa kait SMAC dgn din haa?kan dah aku komen pasal din bukan SMAC.padan mukaa!:p

Aisyatun Nadhirah said...

biar laaaaaaaaaaaaaa