Jan 27, 2011

So much to do, so little time.

I used the idiom, people. I'm using it! What an improvement. -.-

Since the Final Exam for my Semester 2 is just like, 2 weeks more to go, and we were dibebani with lots and lots and lots of assignments and quizzes which will strongly effected our CGPA. This is serious.

Now, I'm planning to start revising. (Cehh, guna planning. Bkn planning, needed ada lah!)

And this semester, I am taking BEN core courses which is hard and I hate it when people say "BEN students ni senang la, belajar language je). Memang, memang your head is sooo deserved to be smacked. All courses are the same! If it is that easy, It won't be offered as a course to be taken by students, tho.

And FYI, ever since high school, I've been dreaming of taking TESL in my degree year. BUT, there are lots lots lots of saingan here in UIAM. What to do, I really need to be working extra hard or else, I won't get the chance, kan?

Please pray for my best that I will get the chance to continue in TESL in IIUM Gombak. Amin.

1. Mood exam, malas cakap banyak.

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