Feb 1, 2011

what happen on 31/1/2011

Why Monday? Monday is the day when my heavy-metal class schedule would be and I'm trying to make every Monday of mine better than the other. I have this thing going on where I have to constantly went through my quizzes which is A LOT and this makes me constantly, again looking through at the notes. This is actually good which reminds me of Final Exam is just 2 week more to go. Bagus. -.-

Of course, due to all the tiredness and again, had this thing going on which my bank is running out of money and this had ruined my day. Normally, people would say 'this is life and this kind of things do happen". Well, I do agree with that. But, Alhamdulillah, The Almighty Allah gave me strength to actually put a smile on my face and face this matter smoothly because He knows this would be beneficial to me. It do reminds me of those unlucky ones, who would have gone crucible far more worst than mine and I know I should be thankful. :')

AND the main thing is, maybe because of the berkat from all this, something special happened. Yeah, He is the planner of everything, aite? He plans all of this, I knew it. *Okay. I was tired and felt that I can't go to this ceramah going on but my heart keep telling me to go although I was physically tired. But, I manage to go. At there, all of the sudden, the person that I never expected to be here again BUT I'm expected to see the person like, in main campus was here. Yes, here in Nilai! I sunk in my own blood that time. *Nangis terharuuuuuuuuuuu

Can't talk more. Kang bocor rahsia pulak. kekeke

Moral of the story: Be positive toward Him and Allah always have reward on that.

1. Hari yang sangat seronok. Takpa, next time we meet in Gombak. Just wait for me. <3

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